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Companies are struggling to develop Asian American leaders



Asian Americans comprise:

6% of the U.S. population,

13% of the professional workforce, but only

1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate officers.

Asian Americans’ rate of promotion into management is less than that of whites, African Americans or Latinos.


What's going wrong ?

The one-size-fits all leadership training programs are made by and for folks who were brought up with Western mindsets and behaviors.

That works well for most Americans, just not for Asian Americans. 

But aren't Asian American adults -- American? 

Yes, but...



71% of Asian American adults over age 25 were born in another country, 
compared to 17% of all American adults.

So, why do Asian Americans carry over the mindsets and behaviors from the old country?

Because ¾ of them are from the old country!

And most Asian Americans who were born in the USA are the kids of those immigrants. So, even if they speak native-level English, the ways of the old country are still deeply embedded. 

But since only 17% of all American adults are immigrants, most American companies are strictly by Western norms.  

To succeed, one must behave according to unwritten rules that most Americans learned by osmosis growing up, but which are very different from the way Asian Americans were brought up. 

For Asian Americans, one-size-fits-all leadership training programs often do more harm than good 

Well-intended leaders often offer Asian Americans the one-size-fits all training they give everyone.

When the programs fail, leaders conclude the trainees lack leadership potential after all. The trainees end up further marginalized and the stereotypes of Asian Americans as lacking leadership skills end up further reinforced.

There is a better way...


The Asian American Leadership Accelerator

Launching in January 2023, the Asian American Leadership Accelerator will offer "The Unwritten Rules of the Game," an 8-week online social learning course which gives learners a user guide to the unwritten rules of Western leadership culture.

Starting from within the ways Asian Americans were brought up, we'll help folks integrate the mindsets and behaviors required to succeed in Western leadership culture.

The result? Asian American rising leaders who are firmly rooted in their own selves, and ready to move up and create greater impact.

Asian American young man

When you give Asian Americans leadership training that works, everyone benefits 

Asian Americans are America’s fastest growing and most highly educated demographic. They drive a disproportionate of high-value patents leading to ever greater innovation. And they’re a bridge to 70% of the world’s population. 

There's more.

When you enable Asian American employees to lead, something even more profound happens. Your organization changes. You become a smarter, more global, more innovative, more fun and more interesting place that values “culture add” over “culture fit.”


Meet your teacher

Joy Chen 陈愉

CEO, Multicultural Leadership Institute

Former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles

Former Principal, Heidrick & Struggles 

As featured in:

Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue China

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