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Asian Americans Suffer From An Age 30 Problem

Many Asian Americans go to the best schools and get into the top companies.

But then, at just the age when we should take advantage of all that education and hard work to soar...

We plummet.

Across Corporate America, Asians are the group least likely to ascend, despite having the most education and experience.
Asian American glass ceiling aka bamboo ceiling illustration by Joy Chen
In your 30s, you could be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars each year.

In your 40s and 50s, that could rise to hundreds of thousands each year. Over your career, you could be losing out on millions.

Since in the U.S., wealth is built generationally, the lost earnings and opportunities for you and your family are huge.

Beyond the financial implications, when you start out in life with so much potential, and then watch your future shrivel, that can result in a huge amount of frustration, disappointment, and even shame.

At the heart of the problem? A culture gap.
  • 71% of Asian American adults are immigrants, and most US-born Asian Americans are the kids of those immigrants. Meantime, only
  • 17% of ALL American adults are immigrants
Culture gaps and related biases cause many Asian Americans to become isolated and stuck -- permanently -- on the fringes of corporate networks.

And in Corporate America, as long as you're isolated, you'll never be able to move up or create greater impact.

The good news is...

We've built a program that's grounded in your identity, and that enables you to break through the biases and cultural gaps which are holding you back.

Designed to be brief yet impactful in order to fit into your busy schedule, we offer a 2.5-hour Masterclass series over 3 weeks to enable you with the knowledge and skills you need to break through once and for all.

Multicultural Leadership Institute CEO and former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Joy Chen with group of Asian learners

EQ Mastery

a 3-Masterclass Series
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Masterclass 1: Gain Clarity on the Unwritten Rules

WHY: Many Asians were raised in collectivist cultures where the way to move up is to gain a great education, put your head down, work hard and do outstanding work. That’s not how things work in Corporate America. Until you fully understand the game you’re in, you’ll never be a serious player.

OUTCOME: Gain higher ROI for your hard work, empower yourself to take charge of your career and life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how our upbringing impacts how we unconsciously behave
  • Learn the anthropology of how Asian and Western cultures evolved
  • Learn the invisible cultural norms which guide who gain authority and influence in Western workplaces
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Masterclass 2: Unlock Your Inner Leader
Asian American Leadership Accelerator Masterclass #2 success roadmap graphic

WHY: Many Asians were raised in families that pushed us toward competence, not confidence. As adults in the workplace, Asians experience the least belonging of all groups, resulting in a continuous loss of self. But in Corporate America, if you don’t fully trust and respect yourself, others won’t trust or respect you.

OUTCOME: Get fully rooted in your own self, and the behaviors that emanate will flow from power and confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine your internal belief systems and cultural self-narratives
  • Gain a stronger awareness of how we are viewed by others at work
  • Learn how to become confident and comfortable in every situation
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Masterclass 3: Build Relationships of Trust
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WHY: Many Asians are exhorted by friends and colleagues to “Just Speak Up!” In fact, sociologists find that stereotypes of Asians as “cold and competent” lead others to instinctively resent us. This results in a double-bind leading others to undermine us whether we speak up or not.

OUTCOME: Bridge differences to build relationships of warmth and trust so that we can connect deeply with people of all backgrounds.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overcome stereotypes to shift from "perpetual foreigner" to savvy insider
  • Leverage the science of first impressions to connect and build trust
  • Deepen trust and partnership with people of all backgrounds

Asian American Leadership Accelerator

Whether you're working in a large company, or have your own company, we are here to enable you with the knowledge and skills you need to lead in Corporate America.

Gain clarity into the unwritten rules of the game. Master them, leverage them, grab hold of your full potential.

The Asian American Leadership Accelerator is not about theories. It’s about action – practical and potent.

Insider guidance from the ultimate insider: Joy Chen, former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and executive search leader for Fortune 500 CEOs and Board members.

Fully tailored resources

All content is built to purpose-built to meet the unique needs of Asian learners.

Immersive and experiential

Engaging research, real-life stories, discussions, simulations, and actionable strategies.

100% success

Surveys show 100% of alumni achieved their desired results from the Asian American Leadership Accelerator.

Elevate your personal brand

Counter bias and establish yourself as a leader with trusted certifications from the Multicultural Leadership Institute
After you complete the masterclass series, we'll issue you blockchain-enabled digital credentials which you can share on platforms like LinkedIn to open the door to new conversations and opportunities.

Stand out. Network smart. That’s how to turn learning into career acceleration.
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Sample Multicultural Leadership Institute Certificate
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Meet your teacher

Joy Chen 陈愉

As a child of immigrants, I know how it feels to be an outsider. After many awkward encounters and with the help of key mentors, I've now worked at the top of 3 industries on 3 continents.

  • At age 31, I was appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, where I led the upskilling and integration of a workforce speaking 90+ languages.
  • Then, I became an executive search leader at Heidrick & Struggles, and for 7 years found CEOs and Board members for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Then, I started a careers blog, which went viral –in China, launching me there as a leadership guru and founder of a global training company which served millions.

Now, I'm back in the USA.

And I'm here to help you develop leaders who leverage the full power and potential of all your people.

Headshot of Multicultural Leadership Institute CEO and former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Joy Chen
Before, I never knew how to start unraveling my own invisible barriers to advancement. Through this course, I’ve found my roadmap. Now, I can confidently take back control and drive my career.
Peter Yo headshot

Peter Yo

I highly recommend the Asian American Leadership Accelerator by Joy. It was filled with incredible API-tailored knowledge and many helpful takeaways. I found so much value in the cohort interaction.
Bernice Chao headshot

Bernice Chao

Joy's program helps us to unlock the competencies we need to advance our careers, and to connect with other rising Asian leaders, so that we can uplift one another and others alongside us.
Brian Pang headshot

Brian Pang

The course contains practical advice and tools we can use to succeed in corporate America. All are specific to the AAPI community and backed by research and data. It is really great!
Helen Ahn headshot

Helen Ahn

Our parents didn’t equip us for corporate America. There are no corporate programs dedicated to serving our needs. This program would benefit anyone of Asian origin.
Robert Chan headshot

Robert Chan

Joy nailed it with the unwritten rules! Throughout my career, I’ve been asking these questions and didn’t seem to get clear answers anywhere. This course has it and keeps echoing in my ears.
Carmen Kwong headshot

Carmen Kwong

The lessons are very well-organized and informative. Breaking the glass ceiling takes time and effort. I learned practical steps, and met a great group of people working toward this goal.
Chang Ying headshot

Changying Zheng

The course provided me knowledge of roadblocks that I didn’t know existed, and that I can now overcome by being purposeful with my actions.
Heather Hansen headshot

Heather Hansen

This course made a huge difference in how I approach work. I’ve been sharing the techniques and lessons with coworkers who would find them useful.
Hedi Cho headshot

Hedi Cho

This program gave me insight into unique workplace challenges for the Asian community, gave me confidence, and helped me embrace what it means to be an authentic, quiet leader.
Jenny Yu headshot

Jenny Yu

I've never seen anyone so clearly articulate the challenges for Asian Americans. Joy did it with such compassion and positivity, and always with clear steps for forward action.
Melissa Yu headshot

Melissa Yu

Everyone in our cohort was so open and candid, it was really empowering to see what hardships others are going through, and to be able to share and support one another.
Nidhi Kharbanda headshot

Nidhi Kharbanda

Joy understands at the deepest level possible the challenges facing AAPI managers and leaders. She explains things in a way that resonates. I’ve benefited tremendously from Joy’s teaching.
Wen Nannen headshot

Wen Nannen

Frequently asked questions

What’s the time commitment involved in this Masterclass Sprint?

We know you’re busy, so we make this fit into your schedule! That’s why we pack your learning in with just three 2.5-hour live sessions. At each session, you’ll get a workbook to help you stay on track, and to guide you in creating an action plan to complete after the session, to help you fast-track your growth going forward.

How many learners are in each cohort?

We believe in fostering a collaborative and personalized learning environment. That's why we maintain an average of 12 learners per cohort. We find this size is small enough to help you forge meaningful relationships, and just big enough to help you benefit from learning and networking with learners from a range of professional backgrounds.

What are the masterclasses like?

Our sessions are social, immersive and practical. We structure each masterclass according to the latest research on how people learn best. Each session consists of accelerated knowledge-sharing by Joy, followed by cohort discussions where we connect our learnings to our lives. By the end of the Sprint, you’ll have the tools you need to break through and get to the next level.

I’m South Asian / Pacific Islander. Is the AALA for me?

If you ever sense a culture gap between you and your colleagues, or if you ever experience subtle or overt bias at work, then the Asian American Leadership Accelerator can help you overcome these barriers so that you can reach your potential.

I’m an entrepreneur / individual contributor / C-suite exec. Is the AALA for me?

Whether have your own company, or are working at any level in a large company, we will put you in a cohort tailored to you.

Can the Multicultural Leadership Institute provide custom training for my company?

Yes! Joy and our team often provides customized training for companies looking to enable their Asian American employees to contribute more fully and access better careers. In-person or online, we’ll work with you to design a unique experience that fits your company’s needs and schedule. To learn more, click below.

Unlock the potential of your Asian American employees