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American Leadership Accelerator

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Break through and build a life of greater opportunity, impact and wealth




Dear Asian American,

If you've been working so hard, yet feel you're not reaching your potential, you are not alone.

Asian Americans face unique career barriers.

I was one of the lucky ones.

A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and longtime executive search consultant for Fortune 500 CEOs and Board members, I made it by mastering the unwritten rules of the game.

Now, I've built the Asian American Leadership Accelerator to teach them to you. 

Learn them, master them, shatter them.

This way, even as we face massive economic uncertainty, you can keep reinventing yourself, just as I and the world's most successful people continuously do.

With love,

What's in YOUR future?


Asian American corporate pyramid

Asian Americans comprise:

6% of the U.S. population,

13% of the professional workforce, but only

1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate officers.

Asian Americans’ promotion rate is less than that of whites, African Americans or Latinos.

So, the Asian American glass ceiling doesn't look like a slab of glass. It's more like air pollution, hard to see at first, but over time, it stifles the career of nearly every Asian American.


What's going wrong ?

Most leadership training programs are made by and for folks who were brought up with Western mindsets and behaviors.

That works well for most Americans, just not for Asian Americans. 

But wait... aren't Asian Americans -- American? 

Yes, but...

Asian American immigrant stats

71% of Asian American adults over age 25 were born in another country, 
compared to 17% of all American adults.

So, the reason Asian Americans maintain the mindsets and behaviors from the old country is that ¾ of us are from the old country!

And most Asian Americans who were born in the USA are the kids of those immigrants. So, even if we speak native-level English, the ways of the old country are still deeply embedded. 

Since only 17% of all American adults are immigrants, most American companies by Western norms.  

To succeed, you must behave according to unwritten rules by which most Americans were brought up, but which are very different from the way Asian Americans were brought up. 


For Asian Americans, one-size-fits-all leadership training programs often do more harm than good 

Well-intended leaders often offer Asian Americans the generalized leadership training they give everyone.

Problem is, those programs don't address the unique needs of Asian Americans.

When the programs fail, leaders conclude the trainees lack leadership potential after all. The trainees end up further marginalized and the stereotypes of Asian Americans as lacking leadership skills end up further reinforced.

There is a better way...

Disappointed Asian woman

The Asian American Leadership Accelerator

The Asian American Leadership Accelerator is a 6-week online course and networking experience to enable you to break through and realize your full potential for creating impact in our world.

Inside, you'll gain clarity on the unique challenges you face in the workplace. And get the tools you need to break through and build a life of greater opportunity, impact and wealth. 

Whether you’re a high achiever ready to move into management, or already a seasoned manager, we have a cohort perfect for you.


Key features

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Shortcuts to success

Finally, understand the unique barriers that face Asian Americans and learn step by step how to overcome them more quickly and easily.

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100% success rate

Based on student feedback surveys, 100% of students said they achieved the results they desired from the Asian American Leadership Accelerator.

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Proven plan for growth 

Get tried and true steps based on cutting-edge research and the experiences of Joy Chen and the 4,000 top leaders she's evaluated. 


Fully tailored resources 

All course content and materials are focused on helping you as an Asian American to best navigate your career.

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Social and experiential 

Video content, engaging research, real-life stories, discussions, simulations, and actionable strategies.

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Network of peers

A network of rising Asian American leaders with whom to learn and grow and exchange resources together.


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Week 1:
Meet, Greet and Network

  • Understand why there are unwritten rules --and why most Asian Americans never received them

  • Meet your cohort peers and make new connections

  • Assess your biggest blockers in the unwritten rules of the game

Week 2: Understand the Game You're Playing

  • Learn the real reasons you are struggling so that you can break through

  • Understand the science behind stereotypes, biases, and culture

  • Learn which qualities companies really seek when choosing leaders

Week 3:
Activate the Power of YOU

  • Learn how to get comfortable and confident in every situation

  • Understand the science behind imposter syndrome and how to overcome it

  • Learn how to become a leader before you're appointed one 

Week 4:
Connect Through Relationships of Trust

  • Learn how to overcome stereotypes to shift from "perpetual foreigner" to savvy insider

  • Leverage the brain science of first impressions to get people to like and want to help you

  • Understand how to build and deepen relationships of trust and partnership with everyone

Week 5:
Build a Powerful Network of Strategic Allies

  • Learn how to infuse every relationship with purpose, energy and trust

  • Learn how to continuously generate "pull" for fresh new people and opportunities

  • Understand how the world's most successful people continuously reinvent themselves 

Week 6:
Lift Off

  • Build a strategy and action plan to leverage the unwritten rules to break through

  • Join a powerful network of rising leaders to swap resources and rise together

This course made a huge difference in how I approach work. I’ve been sharing the techniques and lessons with coworkers who would find them useful.
Hedi Cho
Before, I never knew how to start unraveling my own invisible barriers to advancement. Through this course, I’ve found my roadmap. Now, I can confidently take back control and drive my career.
Peter Yo-1
Peter Yo
I highly recommend the Asian American Leadership Accelerator. It's filled with incredible API-tailored knowledge and many helpful takeaways. And I found so much value in the cohort interaction.
Bernice Chao
Bernice Chao
Everyone in our cohort was so open and candid, it was really empowering to see what hardships others are going through, and to be able to share and support one another.
Nidhi Kharbanda
Joy's program helps us to unlock the competencies we need to advance our careers, and to connect with other rising Asian leaders, so that we can uplift one another and others alongside us.
Brian Pang
Brian Pang
The course provided me knowledge of roadblocks that I didn’t know existed, and that I can now overcome by being purposeful with my actions.
Heather Hansen
I've never seen anyone so clearly articulate the challenges for Asian Americans. Joy does it with such compassion and positivity, and always with clear steps for forward action.
Melissa Yu
Joy nailed it with the unwritten rules! Throughout my career, I’ve been asking these questions and didn’t seem to get clear answers anywhere. This course has it and keeps echoing in my ears.
Carmen Kwong
Carmen Kwong
The course contains practical advice and tools we can use to succeed in corporate America. All are specific to the AAPI community and backed by research and data. It is really great!
Helen Ahn
Helen Ahn
Joy understands at the deepest level possible the challenges facing AAPI managers and leaders. She explains things in a way that resonates. I’ve benefited tremendously from her teaching.
Wen Nannen
Wen Nannen
The lessons are very well-organized and informative. Breaking the glass ceiling takes time and effort. I learned practical steps, and met a great group of people working toward this goal.
Changying Zheng
Changying Zheng
This program gave me insight into unique workplace challenges for the Asian community, gave me confidence, and helped me embrace what it means to be an authentic, quiet leader.
Jenny Yu
Jenny Yu
Our parents didn’t equip us for corporate America. There are no corporate programs dedicated to serving our needs. This program would benefit anyone of Asian origin.
Robert Chan
Robert Chan

Meet your teacher

Joy Chen 陈愉

Joy knows exactly how companies choose leaders, because for seven years, she did the choosing, as an executive search consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Before that, she served as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

Now, she's CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute.

And she's here to show YOU step by step how to break through and build a life of greater impact, opportunity and wealth.

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