Joy Chen's
Asia Society Keynote

Watch our CEO Joy Chen address the Asia Society 2022 Global Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Symposium in a keynote titled "How to Use Data Analytics to Operationalize Inclusion."

Run of show:

  • 00:00   Joy’s story, from shy misfit to Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles to CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute.

  • 04:28   The brain science behind the unique workplace barriers faced by Asian Americans 
  • 10:55   Organizational psychology and how well-intentioned HR practice results in exclusion for Asian Americans

  • 13:39   How to use advanced data analytics to measure and operationalize inclusion for Asians and all people

  • 24:55   End


To download the blueprint Joy discusses in the speech, click below.

Operationalize Inclusion Blueprint by Joy Chen

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As this keynote is for the Asia Society, Joy focuses on the careers of Asian Americans.

As a data science, Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is agnostic of race or gender. We use ONA to help companies operationalize inclusion for all employees.

Meet with Joy and our team to discuss how we can use advanced analytics to help you build a stronger and more inclusive organization.

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