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But this same diversity can also lead to misunderstandings, lowered productivity and stifled creativity. More than half of all employees feel a lack of belonging, impeding their ability to excel or even to engage.

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The Asian American Leadership Accelerator is a signature offering of the Multicultural Leadership Institute, a global training institute and innovation hub which partners with some of the world's most pioneering organizations to develop more effective global leaders.  

Your Asian talent has unique development needs. Enable them to contribute fully to your organization's goals and aspirations.

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All content is built to purpose-built to meet the unique needs of Asian professionals.

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Engaging research, real-life stories, discussions, simulations, and actionable strategies.

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Sample keynote speech topics by Joy Chen

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Beyond Cultural Barriers: A Blueprint for Leading in Asian Markets

Every leader possesses 'cultural goggles' that subtly influence their perceptions and decisions. With Asia surging ahead as a major consumer and business hub, leaders face the urgent need to recalibrate their cultural perspectives to tap into this dynamic market.

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How to build a powerful network of strategic allies

Many people think the bigger your network, the better. In fact, the more strategic your network, the better. Leverage the latest insights from the cutting edge of organizational psychology to build a network that gives you early access to new people and opportunities.

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Joy Chen's family and friends
The Unwritten Rules of the Game
Insider guidance to help you break through and scale up your impact

Across Corporate America, Asians are the group least likely to ascend despite having the most education and experience. Why? And how can you berak through and scale up your impact? Hear from the ultimate insider, Joy Chen.

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Why many Asians don't speak up

and how you can enable every teammate to contribute to their full potential

As leaders, we interpret the world through 'cultural goggles' that shape how we perceive and make decisions. These goggles, while clear in known environments, can obscure our understanding of new ones. As Asia rises as a key consumer and business hub, we must shift our cultural viewpoints to leverage growing opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover:

  • The fascinating anthropology of how Asian and Western cultures evolved, and what you need to know to build robust cross-cultural bridges.
  • How cognitive psychologists are finding that many Asians think in a more holistic and less verbal way than Westerners.
  • 5 steps you can take right way to become an even more effective global leader skilled at engaging and motivating employees and customers from all backgrounds.

Our speaker, Joy Chen, is CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute and a former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and executive search leader for Fortune CEOs and Board members. For her global leadership in unleashing human potential, Joy has been profiled by media including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Economist, CNN and Vogue China.

All this in 14 minutes, so get ready for fun and impact!

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The Unwritten Rules of the Game,
an insider's guide to help you break through and scale up your impact

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How to Be an Even More Effective Manager of Asian American Employees
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