About the Multicultural
Leadership Institute

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At the Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI), our mission is to equip leaders and team with the cultural insights and skills they need to unite teams, expand markets, and build a future of shared success.

At the very heart of our mission lies our clients. They include some of the world's most dynamic and influential organizations.  

These forward-thinking entities are not just confronting but embracing the complexities of global markets, transforming potential obstacles into engines for growth.

Their triumphs are our success.

Join our network of visionary organizations shaping the 21st century.

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Our Team

Headshot of Multicultural Leadership Institute CEO and former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Joy Chen
Joy Chen

Joy Chen is CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute and a former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

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Aamie Benson
Learning & Development Director

Aamie Benson brings nearly two decades of L&D experience at giants including Microsoft and Amazon.

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Headshot of Sophia Toh executive leadership coach of the Multicultural Leadership Institute
Sophia Toh
Executive & Leadership Coach

Sophia Toh has coached and served as a leader at two of the best-run companies in the Fortune 200.

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