The Wall Street Journal
on Joy Chen's impact across China

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In a comprehensive print and three-minute video feature, The Wall Street Journal highlights the impact of Joy Chen's leadership training on millions of Chinese women.

Wall Street Journal profile of Joy Chen titled An American Lean In Guru in China

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Meet Joy Chen

A former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and Fortune 500 executive recruiter, Joy is a luminary in global leadership training. See her bio, backstory and media features.

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Joy Chen Keynote Speaker Reel

Experience how Joy inspires and empowers every audience.

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Global Leadership Mastery

Gain the cultural insights and skills you need to adeptly manage teams across varied cultures, and enhance your organization's global footprint.

Inclusive Leadership Mastery

Enable every team member to excel, fostering a culture where diversity drives productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Cross-Cultural Sales Accelerator

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