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Asians constitute 60% of the world's population

Within the U.S., Asian Americans  are the fastest-expanding business and consumer segment, with a remarkable 81% growth over the last 20 years.
Are you ready to capitalize on these unprecedented opportunities?
Unlock these markets by developing your Asian employees. According to Asia Society research, professional development is the #1 factor influencing job satisfaction among Asians.

Yet, many companies fall short in offering this high-performing group the training they need.

What's going wrong ?

Most leadership training programs are made by and for folks who were brought up with Western mindsets and behaviors.

That works well for most Americans, just not for Asian Americans. That's because...
Graphic of Pew Research data showing 71% of Asian American adults and 17% of all American adults are immigrants
71% of Asian American adults over age 25 were born in another country. And most Asian Americans who were born in the U.S. are the kids of those immigrants. So, even if they speak native-level English, most were raised in Asian ways.

Since only 17% of all American adults are immigrants, most American companies by Western norms.

To succeed, one must behave according to unwritten rules and norms by which most Americans were raised, but which are very different from the way most Asian Americans were raised.
Wistful image of young Southeast Asian woman looking into the distance

For Asians, traditional leadership training often does more harm than good

Many well-meaning initiatives do not address the unique needs of Asian American talent. Research shows that when the programs fail, the trainees often end up marginalized, and stereotypes of Asians as lacking leadership skills end up further reinforced.

There is a more effective, efficient and equitable way...

Asian American Leadership Accelerator

The Asian American Leadership Accelerator is a signature offering of the Multicultural Leadership Institute, a global training institute and innovation hub which partners with some of the world's most pioneering organizations to develop more effective global leaders.  

Your Asian talent has unique development needs. Enable them to contribute fully to your organization's goals and aspirations.

Fully tailored resources

All content is built to purpose-built to meet the unique needs of Asian learners.

Immersive and social

Engaging research, actionable strategies, social learning with exciting rising stars.


100% success rate based on surveys of thousands of learners already helped.
Meet your teacher

Joy Chen 陈愉

As a child of immigrants, I know how it feels to be an outsider. After many awkward encounters and with the help of key mentors, I've now worked at the top of 3 industries on 3 continents.

  • At age 31, I was appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, where I led the upskilling and integration of a workforce speaking 90+ languages.
  • Then, I became an executive search leader at Heidrick & Struggles, and for 7 years found CEOs and Board members for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Then, I started a careers blog, which went viral –in China, launching me there as a leadership guru and founder of a global training company which served millions.

Now, I'm back in the USA.

And I'm here to help you develop leaders who leverage the full power and potential of all your people.

Headshot of Multicultural Leadership Institute CEO and former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Joy Chen
Before, I never knew how to start unraveling my own invisible barriers to advancement. Through this course, I’ve found my roadmap. Now, I can confidently take back control and drive my career.
Peter Yo headshot

Peter Yo
Vice President

I highly recommend the Asian American Leadership Accelerator by Joy. It was filled with incredible API-tailored knowledge and many helpful takeaways. I found so much value in the cohort interaction.
Bernice Chao headshot

Bernice Chao
Freelance Creative Director

Joy's program helps us to unlock the competencies we need to advance our careers, and to connect with other rising Asian leaders, so that we can uplift one another and others alongside us.
Brian Pang headshot

Brian Pang

The course contains practical advice and tools we can use to succeed in corporate America. All are specific to the AAPI community and backed by research and data. It is really great!
Helen Ahn headshot

Helen Ahn
Associate Director

Our parents didn’t equip us for corporate America. There are no corporate programs dedicated to serving our needs. This program would benefit anyone of Asian origin.
Robert Chan headshot

Robert Chan
Senior Vice President

Joy nailed it with the unwritten rules! Throughout my career, I’ve been asking these questions and didn’t seem to get clear answers anywhere. This course has it and keeps echoing in my ears.
Carmen Kwong headshot

Carmen Kwong
Vice President

The lessons are very well-organized and informative. Breaking the glass ceiling takes time and effort. I learned practical steps, and met a great group of people working toward this goal.
Chang Ying headshot

Changying Zheng
Head of Operations

The course provided me knowledge of roadblocks that I didn’t know existed, and that I can now overcome by being purposeful with my actions.
Heather Hansen headshot

Heather Hansen
Global Lead Consultant

This course made a huge difference in how I approach work. I’ve been sharing the techniques and lessons with coworkers who would find them useful.
Hedi Cho headshot

Hedi Cho

This program gave me insight into unique workplace challenges for the Asian community, gave me confidence, and helped me embrace what it means to be an authentic, quiet leader.
Jenny Yu headshot

Jenny Yu
Senior Manager

I've never seen anyone so clearly articulate the challenges for Asian Americans. Joy did it with such compassion and positivity, and always with clear steps for forward action.
Melissa Yu headshot

Melissa Yu

Everyone in our cohort was so open and candid, it was really empowering to see what hardships others are going through, and to be able to share and support one another.
Nidhi Kharbanda headshot

Nidhi Kharbanda
Team Lead

Joy understands at the deepest level possible the challenges facing AAPI managers and leaders. She explains things in a way that resonates. I’ve benefited tremendously from Joy’s teaching.
Wen Nannen headshot

Wen Nannen
Chief Investment Officer